Bayside Cafe American day


Hi Renegades spoke to Jackie of the Bayside Cafe today about hosting an American day at Stokes Bay.They recently had an American day there which proved very popular but didnt think to contact us.I have asked Jackie to look in her diary for a suitable day next year to hold this event and as long as it works with our diary this will be another Renegade event,Superb!

Phew! looks like a busy year next year already what with two Renegade shindigs at the Farmhouse and our summer show and also the possibility of an American day at Stokes Bay.Not to mention our own Southsea cruises from April til October.Roll on 2010,Superrrrrrrrrb! I will kep you posted.

Cheers Superb!
Those Renegade calenders/diarys seem to be more like a good idea now don't they. How will we keep up with it all!!! :thumbup: