Auto jumble when mentioned at showes

saleen 192

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Auto jumble.
Very little auto jumble for American vechiles at the events ( not including the start end season swop meets) we seam to get lots of tool stands both old and new various cloth stalls sweat stalls cleaning auto detailing stalls toy car stands OK sometime we post on forum or that meta universe site that we can bring to event . Mybe the likes of real steel `us automotive and others but can't think of any at the moment could have trade stands at events what about car breakers that have American cars mybe have special area at show say they have 3 or 4 cars punter wants the door they whip it of car there and then just a thought? Some business have gone bust that were on e Bay what happened to all their stock? Mybe they went out of business as prices to high or was it no body wanted it? Just thinking out loud really.