An electric Volkswagen R will be here in five years


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Written by Stephen Dobie

"If there is a future for R it must be electric." A bold statement by Volkswagen board member Jurgen Stackmann, stating that the company"s big performance brand must move forwards. And rather soon. "We should be able to deliver something meaningful in under five years. We"ve initiated some plans for cars in between there are some great R models going forward but we are really thinking about what do we do with them. If you are on the way to zero emissions, but you then unload some cars into the world with even more horsepower, you need to give a response of what you"re going to do afterwards. But clearly the future of R is electric and it"s Jost Capito"s job to find solutions for that." Capito being a man who voiced concerns to Top Gear earlier in the year about quite how to make electric cars fun after the extreme novelty of their boistrous acceleration has worn off.

Date written: 12 Sep 2019

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