4th Generation Camaro Z28 Accident Damaged


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Just testing the water at present to see if anyone is interested.

'M' reg 4the Generation Camaro Z28 T-Top Ex-Pace Car
Black with bodykit and big rear spoiler (Looks like Kev Chivers red one)
350ci Automatic
Under 60k miles
Interior complete but needs cleaning.

This car was stolen about 2 years ago and the joy riders had an accident in it, needs a front bumper, O/S wing and both side skirts are cracked other than this it is just scratches etc. The worst part is that the O/S front wheel took a clout and has damaged the steering/Suspension so the car needs to be transported from where it is (West Wittering).

Currently sitting on Jag wheels as 2 of the Alloys were damaged beyond repair.

Car has been sat in its current location since being recovered from the accident, so unsure of condition of brakes etc.

The owner has shown an interest in selling it as he has many other projects (including a 69/70 Mustang).

Thought I would see if anyone is interested and get some offers to put to him....

Here is a couple of pics I managed to get