2 Fast 2 Furious Car Show in Ashington

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2 Fast 2 Furious and American Muscle car show 2011 Aug 20th.

? 2 Fast 2 Furious and American Muscle ? custom car show 2011 and is being held again this
year on August 20th at Ashington West Sussex annual Festival...

This will be our 8th year that the show has been running and is still completely Free to every one
who has a vehicle they would like to take part of this years cars on show... There are no
limitations as to what type or make of vehicle you may wish to enter so includes bikes, trikes,
track racing vehicles trailered or road legal, If it?s got wheels and your proud of it and would like
to show it off as well as enjoying an excellent day out then this car show is not one to be missed

In past years we have always had a great selection of different cars on show including some of
the most beautifully restored and well maintained American muscle and American classic cars...
a great selection of Japanese motors both GT and sports as well as some of the wildest
customised street cars you?ve ever seen which hasn?t only been confined to an outrageous paint
job but includes some excellent boot builds and modified interiors...

British classic.. Aston Martin.. Ferrari.. Lamborghini.. Jaguar E type and saloons... GT40...
AC Cobra... Skylines... Ford RS... are just a few of the other may different motors that are
usually entered on display... Military vehicles... Vintage and Veteran as well as some of the never
seen three wheeled cars like the Bond Bug, the Bubble car and not forgetting the airplane
cockpit looking Messerschmitt... Both track and road bikes as well as drag racing and
customised trikes often participate with showing their exotic high powered machines.

Modded street cars expensively customised that some of us could only ever dream of owning...
Hot Rods... both modern and old school that usually include the Ford Pop.. Model A.. Model B..
2 and 3 windowed coupes and the Bucket T... are usually among the others which most have
fitted over sized engines and running gear you wouldn?t think possible to make fit in the car.

? 2 Fast 2 Furious and American Muscle ? custom car show has successfully continually grown
with more cars being entered each year apart from last year which sadly saw our very first show
being rained off as it hadn?t stopped all day, so this year all those who attended the year before
last I look forward to seeing again at this years show along with any new enthusiasts that will
receive the same warm welcome if they would like to show their motor at this years car show.

The main Ashington Festival holds events throughout the day and into late evening so the car
show is also packed with other entertainment for the whole family and not just us car fanatics,
there is a great number of stalls, arena displays, a large Fair ground with rides and stall for both
adults and children, Car Boot Sale, a Carnival Parade, Food and Drink and also an open Bar with
Live Music throughout the evening along side the Fare ground which stays open until the
evening events finish with a giant fireworks display... So bring the family

Below is this years car show poster that includes information and a Sat Nav post code that will
take you directly to the car show grounds.

Any questions then don?t hesitate to e mail me at....


Or call 01903 892756 and ask for Alan

Unfortunately this is the same day as the Selsey Show we are already booked in for but definately a possibility for next year