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Ford Econoline Camper Van for sale.
Its a real camper with sink ,fridge, toilet,cooker etc etc.
Needs tlc. and transmission is "dragging"
Call on 02392 371265 to talk about it and to come and look.
Price negotiable, but not high!!

Regards Bob.
Hi are you the fran I need to speak to about the barn dance tickets please?
Hi Dan, I started a new thread yesterday which I think said it was being sent for admin approval. I don't see it so just checking if I should try and re post ?
Welcome to the forum Triggy!

I have to say I absolutely love your truck! Don't forget to introduce yourself on the forum :)

Hello again Sheila! It was great to meet both you and Malc today. Hope you enjoyed your cider! See you soon xx
Hi im a burlesque performer / pin up model,
i was wondering if you would be kind enough to let me use your car for an american pin up style photoshoot?
im based in portsmouth, preferably looking to shoot next month ,
your welcome to stay at the shoot and will be credited in all images, aswel as this the photographer will also take a seperate set of images just of your car for you to use for personal use!
Please let me know if youd be interested thankyou x
Hi, thanks for signing up to the forum. Not many Trans-am's in the club, its good to hear from another. The GTA's are great, looking forward to seeing photos.
Go go power rangers. Your Avatar is cute, looks just like you in your biking gear. :)
Hey bud, I got a little bag of money in my sky rocket to give you in return for some ladies clothes.
See you tomorrow.
Been to see paul,what a nice bloke.Thanks mason for the advice.The Dodge is booked in next week,service,tune,a sexy airfilter and a general once over.plans so far are,re-spray,twin side exhaust,or both sides????,want her looking good for the coming in progress,but will defo be worth it when done.:becky::clap2: