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Drag Racing Crash-Wreck-Race F...
Views: 123
Riverhead Raceway Spectator Dr...
Views: 124
Southborne Dodge Charger Burno...
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Hayride 2011...
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1960 Chevrolet TV Ad: The Impa...
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  Moonshine Reunion, Got My Arms Around You, at The Hot Rod Ha...
Moonshine Reunion, Got My Arms Around You, at The Hot Rod Hayride 2013...
Views: 37


  Hotrod Hayride 2012 Hillclimb pt2...
Hotrod Hayride 2012 pre hillclimb procession pt2...
Views: 36


  Jason Taylor racing bsa at hotrod hayride...
Jason racing his Triumph at hotrod hayride against a BSA...
Views: 43


  Hotrod Hayride 2010 Soapbox Derby...
no description available...
Views: 37


  Wall of Death - Hot Rod Hayride...
no description available...
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  Hot Rod Hayride 2009 : HRM Tee caught on camera...
Just the first few seconds of this shows the Tee....
Views: 42


  Hotrod Hayride 2011...
A few of the cars driving back into the showground after the drag racing. Filmed with 8mm camera...
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no description available...
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  Hot Rod Hayride 08...
Teaser www.lbnr.info...
Views: 35


  Hotrod Hayride 2013 - Paul Ansell's No.9 (2)...
Paul Ansell's No.9 at The Hotrod Hayride 2013. What a great song. The Hotrod Hayride event was really awesome!...
Views: 33


  Paul Ansell's Number 9 - Train Of Love, at The Hot Rod Hayri...
Live rendition of a track from the CD "Money & Lies", here is Paul Ansell's Number 9 performing Train Of Love. Video taken at The Hot Rod Hayride 2013. Cool... ;-)...
Views: 35


  Omar Romero @ The 6th Hot Rod Hayride - This Is The Night...
Omar Romero performs 'This Is The Night' live at the hot rod hayride 2010 Omar Romero: Vocal, Guitar John Cavener: Double Bass Rob Glazebrook: Guitar Paul Atkinson: Drums...
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70 lemans fun
Wanted to finish off the tires before the new ones went on......
Added by: TransAmDan
V8 Mentalists


Wheels Day 2010 is Coming!
Only a couple of weeks till the Surrey Street Rodders Wheels day, so classicandamerican.com thought it would be good to look back a some rides from the last couple of years. Don't miss the real thing!...
Added by: TransAmDan
Can Am - Lazy Sunday



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Cyclist fails to stop at red light
it would not have been an accident as he would have been at fault and quite rightly ...probably get blasted for this but try and imagine a truck side sweeping him and carrying him on the front a few hundred yards !!!!!! im getting too grumpy these days but when those accident claims ads come on the ...
12:24, 2 Weeks Ago islander
saleen 192 Cyclist fails to stop at red light
and the driver would be to blame if there had been an accident as well , this video would help save the driver showing how stupid the cyclist is/was...
13:07, 3 Weeks Ago saleen 192
AmericanThunder Cyclist fails to stop at red light
Such a shame, idiots like that shouldn’t be allowed to dilute the gene pool any further and I suspect a funeral is cheaper than a vasectomy?!...
09:24, 3 Weeks Ago AmericanThunder
Clasic Ford meet Jan 2018
Great finger nail at the beginning there, Saleen. Just kidding, fantastic video. I love some of those cars. Wish I was there....
14:11, 04-02-2018 Winberg