Written by Stephen Dobie

Sure, you"ve probably seen a thousand Nissan Qashqais merely today. But this one"s special. It"s the ten millionth car to roll off Nissan"s Sunderland production line, a feat reached in 33 years, quicker than any other UK plant. Qashqais make up the biggest proportion of that, too, with over a third of that ten mil being examples of Nissan"s pioneering hatch. Following that are the Micra (2.3m), Primera (1.5m) and Juke (1.1m). Most surprising? A whole 76,166 Infiniti Q30s have been pumped out of Wearside in the last four years. You"ll be lucky if you"ve seen one on the roads, leading us to wonder quite where they"ve all ended up.

Date written: 20 Jun 2019

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