Written by Tom Harrison

Forget that 911 GT3, RenaultSport Clio or Caterham, because this right here should be your next track day car a race-ready BMW E30 M3 that"s headed to auction next month, and will sell for between 75,000 and 85,000. It"s a proper thing, too. Built five years ago from an original 1991 E30 M3 and seldom used since, seller Silverstone Auctions says with only a few minor modifications it could be eligible for club racing, sprint racing, hill climbs or even rallying. But if you"re just planning on using it for the odd track day, it"s turn-key. The body is built to "Prodrive Rally M3" spec. It"s been seam-welded and further strengthened with a proper, custom-made roll cage, and dressed with lightweight, often carbon panels.

Date written: 13 Jun 2019

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