Written by Greg Potts

So, you want to learn to drift huh? You"ll be needing huge amounts of power from a highly-tuned engine and a healthy tyre budget then, surely? Well, perhaps not, because Caterham reckons that the bottom-of-the-range Seven 270S, with its Ford-sourced 1.6-litre Sigma engine and 135bhp, is the perfect car to get you going sideways for the very first time. And so, as a drifting novice and the newest member of the TG team, I find myself posing as the willing guinea pig for this experiment. Our laboratory for the day is the lower paddock at Brands Hatch home to the recently re-launched Caterham Drift Experience and the scientists are a group of instructors with more research hours behind the wheel of Sevens than you"d care to imagine.

Date written: 12 Jun 2019

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