Written by Rowan Horncastle

There are ballsy moves, and then there"s stealing a very rare Ferrari worth nearly 2million while on a test drive. Well, the latter is exactly what"s happened in D sseldorf, Germany. The suspect who remains at large popped along to a dealer to have a go in a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, having expressed their interest in the car over the last few weeks. Rocking up in a taxi, they looked around the car and went out for a test drive. Then, when it was time to swap drivers, the seller stepped out of the car and the tyre-kicker made off. Bold. Thing is, he was in a 288 GTO. Eddie Irvine"s old 288 GTO to be precise. Which you don"t see too often on the road and is quite easy to spot. It actually attracted so much attention that it was quickly found (in a garage in the town of Grevenbroich, not far from D sseldorf) on Tuesday evening after police appealed for witnesses.

Date written: 15 May 2019

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