Written by Greg Potts

Remember the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept - the jacked-up, 600bhp electric estate car? Well, there"s good news. Porsche has confirmed it"ll arrive in showrooms towards the end of 2020. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has also confirmed that it will take the name Taycan Cross Turismo" as it joins the new family of electric-powered Porsches headed by the uber-cool Taycan saloon for which there have already been over 20,000 pre-orders. Whereas the saloon does pure style though, the Cross Turismo is all about lifestyle. Porsche describes it as a cross-utility vehicle (CUV), whatever that means. Here"s hoping that the chunky tyres and black plastic arches make production though, it"s the ultimate unexpected-off-roader look.

Date written: 15 Mar 2019

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