Written by Stephen Dobie

It may not have escaped your attention that we"re quite partial to Japan at Top Gear. It"s a country of wild and wonderful car culture, one of the very best elements being the Kei car. Deliberately tiny and deliberately slow, it may not seem traditional fodder for people like us in a world of endless Porsche RS specials and Formula 1-engined hypercars. But a bit like lifting up a log and seeing all manner of creepy crawlies bumbling about in the light, the Kei world is wondrously, head-swimmingly diverse. And only properly visible under a microscope. At one end of the scale, tiny tipper trucks and fire engines. At the other, the Gazoo Racing Daihatsu Copen. Japanese car companies intertwine like those here in Europe, and thus Daihatsu"s relationship with Toyota has led to the performance treatment familiar from the Yaris GRMN and new Supra filtering down to one of the world"s titchiest sports cars.

Date written: 11 Feb 2019

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