Written by Rowan Horncastle

Now, we love the new Suzuki Jimny we gave it a Top Gear award and everything. But it looks like Japan really luuuuurves the adorable off-roader. For this year"s Tokyo Auto Salon, every tuner and his dog seems to be modifying the titchy SUV to be either bigger, butcher or a tiny bit faster. Sometimes they"re doing all three at once. Being cheap to buy ( 15k over here in the UK) and a doddle to strip down, it"s not hard to see why the Jimny"s homeland has gone potty for them. Saying that, we never thought a Jimny monster truck was possible. Or a two-seat load lugging pick-up. Then again, Japan never ceases to amaze.So, click forth and get drunk on Jimnys, then tell us what you"d do to modify one if you had the opportunity.Photography: Mark Riccioni

Date written: 12 Jan 2019

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