Written by Stephen Dobie

A villa in the Italian countryside flanked by a pair of Lamborghinis. If you had to summarise lottery win" in one photo, this might be it. Classy lottery win," anyway. And not necessarily a large one. While the price on ads for London flats tends to be the same length as the phone number, the Tuscan property market operates at a much friendlier level. The Espada and Islero play their part by being significantly more affordable than a Miura of the same era. Rather than being the boastful Instagram shot of an actual lottery victor, though (it"s a classy winner, don"t forget) this is a little snapshot from Lamborghini"s recent 20-strong tour through the famously un-ugly Tuscany and Umbria regions to celebrate the 50th anniversary of both cars.

Date written: 14 Sep 2018

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