Written by Jack Rix

If you"re anything like us, the Geneva Motor Show mostly involved dribbling over the styling and specs of the latest supercars, marveling at the boundary-pushing engineering and then wincing at the six or seven-figure price tag. Bubble burst. Dreams evaporated. Back to reality. Except, there is another way. Buying a car on finance isn"t only restricted to the more mundane, sub- 50k stuff: if your credit rating is in shape you can whack something far more exotic on the never-never. And as luck would have it, finance provider JBR Capital has compiled a list of the cars it"s had most enquiries about in the last week, since the Geneva Motor Show, and a calculation on each. The results, unless you"re a Premiership footballer on 200,000 a week, are probably still a little out most people"s leagues Let"s start with the small fry the new 141,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS: yours for a deposit of 14,200, 48 monthly payments of 1,561.61 and a final balloon payment of 85,200. 520bhp and 9,000rpm not enough for you? How about the Ferrari 488 Pista, available for a 37,950 deposit, 48 monthly payments of 2,485.47 and a final payment of 151,800.

Date written: 13 Mar 2018

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