Written by Rowan Horncastle

You may not have heard, but a motor show happened in Geneva this week. It was handily called the Geneva Motor Show and it was full of absolutely mad cars.Sizeable leaps in tech meant we saw some properly nutjob machinery. Like the Rimac C_Two; a 1,900bhp, 258mph self-driving electric hypercar. Or, the 1,100bhp+ Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro, a hybrid V12 track car capable of 225mph, featuring an aerodynamic profile unlike anything we"ve seen before.And yet, it gets more nutjob. Step foward, the tuners of Geneva; a small enclave you can always rely on to push things just that teeny bit further.There were wings! There were colours! There were huge, kerbable alloy wheels!Be honest, it"s what you want to see, right? Click forth and comment

Date written: 8 Mar 2018

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