Written by Rowan Horncastle

Hear that sound? That, dear friends, is (probably) the sound of your heart exploding. Porsche celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, and to mark the historic occasion, the Stuttgart marque is holding a frankly astonishing museum exhibition.It"s not at Porsche"s own museum in Stuttgart. It is instead being housed and displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.The title of the show is called "The Porsche Effect". If you are a dedicated Porschephile, or you just like the sight of classic and big winged machinery, said effect" might be aforementioned heart strings popping.The exhibition is now in full swing until January 27 2019, so you"ve got plenty of time to make your way over to Cali. And you should. There are more than 50 super rare cars and objects of memorabilia, shipped over and laid out as a visual timeline to show the lineage of one of the world"s most eminent car manufacturers.If you buy a VIP ticket - and you really should - you gain access to the Vault", which is basically an overflow car park of wonder, housing an array of Porsches you"re never likely to see in the same place ever again.Over the two floors, you"re treated to old Porsches, new Porsches, race Porsches and road Porsches. There"s Porsche"s Genesis moment, the black-block-of-used-soap that first coded the Porsche DNA: the Type 64. That dates all the way back to WWII, whereas at the other end of the spectrum you"ve got Porsche"s Le Mans-winning hybrids. Between those two bookmarks you"ve got pretty much every notable Porsche you can think of. We"ve compiled a gallery of 50 of the finest photos of the exhibit, so check them out for yourself.Images: Petersen Automotive Museum

Date written: 9 Feb 2018

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