Written by Ollie Marriage

More details from Volvo-offshoot Polestar on its future range of cars. And also how they"ll be named, sold and powered. The covers were pulled off Polestar 1 late last year, and it"ll be making its European debut in Geneva at the start of March. It"s a big four-seat coupe in the mould of the Bentley Conti GT or BMW 8 Series, but powered differently a plug-in hybrid with a four cylinder turbo up front and twin electric motors at the rear for torque vectoring and a combined 591bhp and 737lb ft. Polestar claims it"s a genuine sports car, not merely a GT cruiser, although CEO Thomas Ingenlath did say "don"t expect the same kart handling as a Lotus they are part of the family, so we want to keep that spot for them". Ah, of course, along with Volvo and Polestar, Lotus is now part of Geely"s gameplan. Be sensible to assume that Lotus might have an input into Polestar development.

Date written: 8 Feb 2018

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