Written by Tom Harrison

This, young people of the Internet, is what some might call a "Proper Aston Martin". It is, of course, a 1997 V8 Vantage effectively an upgraded Virage (they may look alike, but the only shared panels are the doors and roof) with a twin-supercharged 5.3-litre V8 engine giving 550bhp and 550lb ft of torque. When it was launched, it was the world"s most powerful production engine, although later V600 versions had north of you guessed it 600bhp. Normal" Vantages have become known as V550s, to differentiate them from later, more powerful editions. So despite the Vantage"s hefty, almost two-tonne kerbweight, you"re looking at 0-60mph in a frankly outrageous 4.6 seconds and 191mph. Respectable numbers even by modern standards. This one has a manual gearbox (correct) and has covered less than 9,000 miles in its 21 years. We"re promised it"s been looked after a full service in 2017 cost 7,600 and the images certainly support that. But its service history and condition, or the fact Aston only handcrafted 239 of them, aren"t the main reason this thing is expected to sell for between 190,000 and 240,000 when it"s auctioned at Race Retro on February 24th.

Date written: 8 Feb 2018

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