Written by Stephen Dobie

"Unforgiving design in pursuit of absolute performance". That, in McLaren"s words, is the styling direction of the Senna. It"s not a conventionally beautiful looking car, and comments sections across the internet have been only too happy to point that out. It looks far better in the metal, though. Honest. It"s claimed to be McLaren"s most extreme track car still able to wear number plates; legalised for road use, but not sanitised to suit it" is the official company line. The compliant ride of its supercars won"t be present here. "The design is a reflection of what the car"s intentions are," says Design Director Rob Melville. "With only 500 cars, we can be super extreme in our approach. But the proportions were a tricky thing to handle.

Date written: 7 Feb 2018

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