Written by Vijay Pattni

OK Honda, we get it. You"re good very good at designing and building rather excellent concepts. This is the latest, though it comes with a hefty caveat: it"s built for a videogame.Gran Turismo, to be precise. It is in fact, the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, built for Kazunori-san"s seminal driving simulator. So, while one full-scale model actually exists, you"ll only ever drive it digitally.The theme here is human centred design", which is quite weird for a car that no human will ever sit in, but those are but mere details when the design does indeed look fantastic. All squat, futuristic lines, like a shrunken NSX.We"re told that in theory, the car utilises much carbon fibre to keep the bodyweight down to an impossible 899kg. A full 100kg lighter than if you cast your mind back Lamborghini"s Sesto Elemento concept, itself deploying much CF.Into this carbon fibre mix slots a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo engine with VTEC, mounted in the middle and churning out a very healthy 404bhp at 7,500rpm. No electric assistance, no hybrid gubbins, just a hot 2.0-litre motor driving through an eight-speed dual clutch box to, we guess, the rear wheels.Sounds like the very best recipe for a small, punchy sports car, no? The full scale model (a quarter scale one was built first) was also put through the wind tunnel just like a real car, papa! to fully hone the aero. This, says Honda, means the Sports Vision GT boasts optimum airflow around and out of the body, the underfloor and cabin/engine.So, we get it Honda, you"re good at this. Now please make one for real.Share this page: FacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsAppMailtoCop y link

Date written: 9 Nov 2017

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