Written by Vijay Pattni

Gordon Murray"s name should be familiar to you. He"s Brabham"s former F1 technical director where he helped the team win two F1 world titles.Soon after, he moved to McLaren F1 (when McLaren were fast), as tech director. He helped the team lift three consecutive world championships.Then, he decided he"d done enough winning in Formula One, and decided to take on the road-car world. You might remember he designed something for McLaren Cars called the F1". It was allegedly quite good.Said F1" later morphed into a racing version, where it won two sports car championships, and more famously the Le Mans 24hr race.He also (deep breath time) had a hand in the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, designed a revolutionary new city car, built a global vehicle truck called the Ox, built another city car, designed the new TVR Griffith and now, has set his sights on his very own sports car.So, Gordon Murray"s name should now be familiar to you. A full list of his achievements this is not, however. Because at the recent unveiling of his new sports car venture more of which you can read here Gordon showed off his collection of personal cars. Things he owns, that he deems worthy of owning.They are listed here. You might want to take a minute, because the personal garage of a man who has helped teams win countless F1 races, designed the most iconic supercar of a generation and is intent on building a pure drivers car, is quite interesting

Date written: 8 Nov 2017

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