Written by Ollie Kew

A Koenigsegg did 284mph this past weekend - on the road. That"s perhaps the craziest detail about the Agera RS"s charge into the production car speed record books, averaging out at 277.9mph. It was all accomplished on a standard-width, undualting, crosswind-susceptible road. A closed road, of course, with the Nevada Highway Patrol"s blessing and permission. That got us thinking about about other feats of motoring speed and daring-do which occured not on test tracks and salt-flat deserts, but public roads. Going back almost to the advent of the motor car, it seems folks are obsessed with finding out just how fast they can travel on a public highwayDon"t try any of these at home. Or, for that matter, on the road. Both would be very dangerous

Date written: 8 Nov 2017

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