Written by Rowan Horncastle

If Honda"s design department was a Snapchat filter, it"d be the flame that reads lit". Over the last few months, the Japanese firm has furnished the world with cutesy, unexpectedly retro-futuristic concepts that are, frankly, amazing. First there was the Urban EV concept (a glassy box, shorter than a Honda Jazz but with infinitely better stance), then there was the Honda Sports EV concept (the Urban EV"s ace two-seater sports car sibling and potential future-proof S2000). Now, there is a third.It"s called the CB4 Interceptor concept, and as you can probably tell from the pictures, it"s a bike, not a car. And unlike the two previous concepts, the CB4 doesn"t care for electricity. Instead, the CB4 uses the same engine as Honda"s new CB1000R that"s juiced by good old fossil fuels. Remember them?

Date written: 8 Nov 2017

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