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Not heard of ATS? As a racer and sports car manufacturer, it can trace its name right back to the dawn of the Sixties, and a failed attempt at Formula One. But we won"t bore you with that, because it"s history.This is the future: ATS as a small carmaker with big ideas on super GTs. Its newest creation is this, dubbed the, um, GT. You saw it first a couple of months ago. Today we have a load of new pics. Go nuts.ATS assures us that carbon ibre features extensively" in the body, for the interior and in the chassis to keep the whole thing strong, but light. Dry, you"re looking at 1,300kg.Within said carbon body you"ll find a 3.8-litre biturbo V8 of unspecified lineage (but strangely familiar), pumping out 650bhp in the lower tune, or a full 700bhp and 553lb ft of torque with the upgrade.There"s a seven-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels to record a 0-60mph time of 3.0secs with launch control, and a 0-120mph time of 9.9sec. Again - *cough* McLaren - all very familiarTop speed? More than 206mph. Things to keep your nomex getup happy include three different driving modes (Viaggio, Sport and Corsa), double wishbone suspension all round, adaptive dampers, ESP, big brakes and big 20in front and 21in rear alloys.Inside you"re treated to a thin TFT screen with an aluminium frame, a central touchscreen, and things like wireless charging for your smartphone and a Prima Orchestra" hi-fi system which sounds quite marvellous.No word on price, but ATS says each GT is built to order in limited numbers. Which, conversely, means customers can customise as much of the car as they deem prudent.Like the sound of it? Have a wander through the pics and let us knowPhotography: Piotr DeglerShare this page: FacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsAppMailtoCop y link

Date written: 8 Nov 2017

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