Top Gear"s Top 9: meaningless badge edition


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Written by Ollie Kew

The Porsche Taycan is an electric car. It does not have an engine. Ergo, it does not have turbochargers, which are devices which force more air into a combustion engine"s cylinder to make a bigger bang when the fuel ignites. None of that happens inside an electric Porsche Taycan, and yet the top two models literally say Turbo" and Turbo S" on the back.Mind you, Porsche offers a Macan Turbo, Panamera Turbo and Cayenne Turbo despite the fact that every single other model in their respective families are, erm, turbocharged. In short, if you see Turbo" on the back of a Porsche, you can be sure the car may or may not have turbos.

Date written: 13 Sep 2019

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