SBC vortec V8 intake manifold and 2bbl carb.


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This is a vortec intake manifold for a small block chevy plus an electric choke Rochester 2bbl carb with a fresh gasket set all serviced and ready to go plus the flame arrester. I also have the mounting block between carb and intake manifold. All came off a working engine that I replaced with a 5.7. The kit was used on the 5.7 for 6 months but I wanted a bit more power.

All items came off my boat's Mercruiser engine. These are ordinary 5.0L GM V8's just like the Chevy powered cars. Jetting is standard 5.0L V8.

The carb will need the addition of vacuum ports if your engine is arranged that way or the vacuum can be taken from the inlet mani. On a boat, the carb's vacuum take-offs are soldered over during manufacture. It can mean drilling and tapping the carb which is dead easy but probably not for the faint hearted.

I'd be happy to take:

- £30 for the intake mani;
- £45 for the carb;
- £15 for the flame arrester;

if anyone is interested.


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Nice write up , good luck with sale