Electric Mercedes-AMGs could sound like Podracers


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Written by Stephen Dobie

Mercedes-AMGs are going hybrid. Of course they are, you might say, especially given the AMG One hypercar is just around the corner, letting loose a Formula 1-derived petrol electric powertrain on actual public roads. But there"ll be a much bigger suite of cars that follow it, promises AMG boss Tobias Moers, as his brand attempts to fit into Mercedes" grand sustainability plan, one which will apparently see its whole operation go carbon-neutral by 2039. A big ask when you"ve got a bunch of V8 super saloons in your range. "The first car of our new EQ Performance line is an AMG GT 4-door by the end of 2020," says Moers. That"s a car rumoured to be called the AMG GT 73, with an 800bhp peak touted.

Date written: 13 Sep 2019

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