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  1. AmericanThunder

    Rare Trans-Am

    Not many around, assuming it’s genuine and not a clone.
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    Popeye crashes his boat

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    Hollywood Kills

    Here is something a little different. Noting it’s Clint Eastwood season on TV as it’s his 90th birthday and almost every clip had him holding a gun I was wondering which actor has clocked up the most TV kills? Perhaps Sylvester Stallone? He must have totaled up a good few hundred between the...
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    Brotherhood of Muscle

    Can you imagine commercials like this being shown in the UK? I can’t... there would be an fury from some quarters
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    I’m sure most will be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation that became law in 2018? Most will also know that even after Brexit the UK will continue to abide by GDPR even though aspects are likely to be re-written. Now, I’m aware that this is a contentious post, but I feel that people...
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    Just watching Walt Disney’s Cars. Very clever movie with a load of very good but subtle details especially in the background. Even references to the Cadillac ranch.
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    How does Dodge follow the Demon?

    In 2018 Dodge released a limited run model of the Challenger called the Demon. Packing anywhere from 808-840HP depending on tune it was a very potent package. But with limited availability of 3000 cars it was very exclusive. Dodge released the regular version of the Demon called the Redeye which...
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    Vehicle security

    I am considering having one of these installed. Basically it ties into the vehicles systems (Canbus) and means you have to have either enter the code by use of steering wheel buttons or by having a paired app on your mobile phone. It means the car isn’t...
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    Oil price

    I have posted something by this writer before. But as a conversation promoter I thought this was worth sharing. ——————— Yesterday the world changed forever. It will go down in history as “Oil Armageddon”. What happened yesterday has never happened before in history. It’s the kind of event...
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    NHS Choir

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    2022 Corvette Z06

    Reposting something I found elsewhere. No idea how accurate, but I have to say I don’t like it. The new Corvette Z06 is expected to arrive as a 2022 model, with a price of $85,000. It will feature, a naturally aspirated DOHC32-valve 5.5 liter V-8, with a flat-plane crank, like a Ferrari. It...
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    Tour de France

    Postponed. August start date now I hear.
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    Old school Challenger

    With new school power. Way to expensive in my opinion, but who knows?
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    AAC Spring Nats

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    Stirling Moss

    Has died aged 90. A true racing great and will be missed. RIP
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    Virtual car show - favourites

    Similar to the virtual car show thread, this one is for your 3 most favourite pictures taken at car shows. Rules: One reply per person with 3 pictures in each. From any car event you attended and you (or family) took the photo - no internet pictures. You must not own or have owned any of the...
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    Virtual Car Show

    Well, with this lockdown stopping us all getting together at car shows and enjoying the camaraderie, I thought a virtual car show might be fun and spirit lifting. So, pick your favourite 3 pictures of your car(s) and post them here. Rules. Please post your pictures in one reply, max 3. The...
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    Forum down this morning

    Is that your uptime record blown?
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    Sure is quiet on here..... I guess the lockdown means no-one is doing anything interesting or car related?