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  1. mick

    Battery Chargers

    Well I have a charger that goes way back to the 70’s possibly earlier, it was my dads , I’ll take a photo and post it 🤣
  2. mick

    Camaro pump change

    That’s what I thought, be a good idea to hamerite it then under seal it for good measure
  3. mick

    Renegades End of Season Show - 15th Oct 2023

    What I saw at club night really nice photos
  4. mick

    Worthing Sunny Sunday 31 July 2022

    Got my pass today, happy days
  5. mick

    Tangmere summer fare

    Thought this might be good
  6. mick

    Hayling Reunion - 14th May 2023

    Me too 😴
  7. mick

    Hayling Reunion - 14th May 2023

    Ok fair enough, I suppose your right so leave at 9 sharp 👍
  8. mick

    Hayling Reunion - 14th May 2023

    Do you think we should leave a bit earlier as it’s going to be like today
  9. mick

    Changing the valve spring in the T/A LS1

    Soon be good as new then Dan
  10. mick

    Wheels Day 2023 - good Friday 7th April 2023

    I’ve just registered now, just got to wait for reply
  11. mick

    Goodwood Vee-Power Breakfast club

    Is anyone booked for V power Sunday, next week
  12. mick

    Rockauto order conf?

    I’ve got some normal rubber ones I’ll change them when time allows lol
  13. mick

    Rockauto order conf?

    They were already fitted before I got the car Dan
  14. mick

    Wheelers Hayling Sunset 2nd Oct 2022

    Well done that man
  15. mick

    Rockauto order conf?

    When is Andy doing the work Chris as I would like to see how he takes the rear shackles off because I have poly ones and it drives me nuts squeaking all the time
  16. mick

    ranchero transmission

    So does that mean that all the time you have been driving Martyn the gearbox wasn’t right
  17. mick

    Rockauto order conf?

    Strange how they very, what’s the idea of them, if it’s to stop squik well I haven’t got that anyway
  18. mick

    Rockauto order conf?

    Just Just looked at mine Chris and mine doesn’t have the insulated pads either hope this helps
  19. mick

    ranchero transmission

    How much damage was there done to the box Martyn or was it just the clutches and what was the cause in the first place.