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  1. matt 103

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Vee Power 1st March 2020

    Me and the big silver beast are in too
  2. matt 103

    Prom run on 25th June 2020

    Ok as you all know abs has been around club since she was tiny an when she was diagnosed with her arthitis . now she is almost 16 and has her school porm on 25th june leaving her house in paulsgrove going to marriott hotel . . we would love a few of you is poss to join her on her ride to...
  3. matt 103

    Renegades end of Season Show October 20th 2019

    Hey dan . You seem to have a 2 door mondeo on the flyers????? Lol
  4. matt 103

    Know this car?

    hi there dave if you r looking for a 4th gen v6 . the ole man maybe looking to sell his .
  5. matt 103

    Petersfield Spring Festival 2019 - May 26th

    can i bring the 300
  6. matt 103

    Car Transporter Fire near Bath

    they are owned by car chase heroes . a driving experience company hence why they arent driving . its good i drove they're 69 camaro . also they general is a surivor from the series
  7. matt 103

    Beachdubbin 2018

    Ok I've started a list of names and reg no need money asap to book our spot . New people running it this year all money to be paid upfront and asap
  8. matt 103

    Beachdubbin 2018

    Right people. If we are goin to do beachdubbin formally beach buggin. They want all payment upfront so we are gonna have to have numbers and arrange to sort payment or collecting money
  9. matt 103

    Hayling 5 Schools Spring Fete on 28th April.

    count me and the old chap in for this
  10. matt 103

    Fetching parts for T/A

    ooooh do they mount same way as camaro mirrors
  11. matt 103

    Fetching parts for T/A

    arhh man . you shoulda said need some t-top seals for camaro should be the same
  12. matt 103

    Renegades End of Season Show 2017

    hey dan will these be passed around . As a few of us where at clocktower classics and not one flag in site . which would of been nice . As we don't all do same events m
  13. matt 103


    welcome kev . we need more Camaros in club too many mustangs
  14. matt 103

    Word Association

    bowling ball
  15. matt 103


    Dad has just sold his . spark plugs on em are a b**ch to do with some being accessed throu hole in inner wing on drivers side . lovely vans dad fancied a change don't throw the open pipes mod away someone may have use for em :usa2:
  16. matt 103

    Clock Tower Classics 2017

    Any one doing this and fancy meeting somewhere and all trundle in together . if not dad and I will go on down and see ya there
  17. matt 103

    Lord Nelson School Charity Fun Day 2nd July 17

    this sunday folks
  18. matt 103

    1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird Parts 4 Sale

    hi there would you have a coil pack for a 3.8 1996
  19. matt 103

    Crown Victoria p71

    hi there mark hieford could tell you loads more on that car he imported . as for lights and sirens the have to be isolated when on road . mark or martyn know a lot more on rules and regs on American police cars cheers matt
  20. matt 103

    Petersfield Spring Festival 2017 - May 29th.

    Hi Claire great pics even got vins hot rod awesome