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  1. TransAmDan

    How to exclude far East from eBay searches?

    I try to avoid buying from china/Hong Kong where I can. If I want cheap imatatiom stuff I would go there. A number of times I have searched eBay, say for a USB cable, select UK only, China turns up in the search with a 1 month delivery. Just went to buy string for aunties flymo strimmer, done...
  2. TransAmDan

    Crypto mining as a business.

    As there is a fair bit of income from crypto mining, there is also a fair bit of expense like buying hardware and also the cost of electric. Up until now I have be recording power usage but knowing how much the units are using. However to claim as an expence they HMRC may want to see something...
  3. TransAmDan

    Welcome, AndyN

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @AndyN.
  4. TransAmDan

    Spotted in Gosport

    Gotta go to the dark side occasionally to direct people to the light.
  5. TransAmDan

    Welcome, japanesewhiskey6

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @japanesewhiskey6.
  6. TransAmDan

    Spotted in Gosport

    Nice, not seen it around. Just looked though photos from Hayling Reunion, it wasn't there.
  7. TransAmDan

    3rd Gen firebird mod ideas

    Found my next mod.
  8. TransAmDan

    Straight liners llanbedrw

    Urrrghh, you made me go to the dark side. There is a couple of adverts on the events. They havnt posted pictures themself from what I can see, Facebook navigation is naff and not in date order. I see someone posted picture of their bike, and pictures of fields. Nothing useful posted like a...
  9. TransAmDan

    Straight liners llanbedrw

    Which show? If you at thinking of the a Southsea cruise (cruising at 7pm) its in a public car park so won't be a problem from our side of things.
  10. TransAmDan

    Straight liners llanbedrw

    Yes you are right, think there was 2 of them. I'll have a dig through the photos. Edit: ah you found one.
  11. TransAmDan

    Great British Garden Revival

    Where do you relocate them to? Someone else's field far away?
  12. TransAmDan

    Hayling Reunion - 8th May 2022

    Brilliant show today. Met up on Portsdown Hill. Left there at 9am sharp. Good job we did as the show car park was filling up quick. we got there around 9:15am, and by 9:40am the car park was full. Photos from the day:-
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