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  1. Chriswrx123

    Help needed in decodeing a gearbox (mopar May be)

    Hi guys need some info on wot this gearbox fits please also if anyone is looking I have a 425 ci engine for sale needs a re-build stuck piston complete inc carb etc £395
  2. Chriswrx123

    Mustang re spray

    Hi guys n girls as some of you already know my mustang has been of the road for the last 4 weeks as it’s been having a respray. The decision to have this done wasn’t made lightly but as most of you know my car was s cat D car and has always been wot is termed a ten footer ie looks good from ten...
  3. Chriswrx123

    3rd February Black horse coffee n cars

    Hi folks it’s that time again for the Black horse coffee n cars meet on the 3rd February 10.30 onwards all welcome. Bn14 0sx Findon Worthing West Sussex
  4. Chriswrx123

    6th January black horse monthly meet

    Hi folks yes it’s that time again 6th January is the black horse monthly meet so if the weathers nice come show us your pride n joy open to all makes all ages 2,4,16 wheel we’d love to see it. Pub has a cracking lunch menu if you fancy staying for a bite. 10.30 6th January Bn14 0sx Findon West...
  5. Chriswrx123

    4th November is the black horse coffee and cars meet

    4th November tbh c Hi all 4th November is the black horse coffee and cars meet 10.30 onwards Bn14 0sx
  6. Chriswrx123

    2nd September Black horse meet Findon West Sussex

    Hi all its that time again 2nd September is the Black horse meet starts at 10.30am onwards open to all makes. Black horse pub findon worthing West Sussex Bn14 0sx
  7. Chriswrx123

    New winter project!!!

    Hi all welcome to my winter project hopefully this will be at next years sunny Sunday event. Had it recovered today from enfield , London. In a very sorry state complete with 3 boxes of parts!!! To start with I've got to fabricate a new boot floor and give the rear springs somewhere to bolt up...
  8. Chriswrx123

    1st July Black horse monthly meet

    Hi all that time again Black horse monthly meet 1st July all makes welcome 10.30 on wards Bn14 0sx
  9. Chriswrx123

    Ford Mustang air bag recall 2005-2014

    For many years ford US has been replacing faulty air bags on the 2005-2014 mustangs but the recall has always been a problem over here mainly due to ford uk not knowing about it vin numbers not showing on there system etc last week dvla issued a recall for this which if you know go to ford uk...
  10. Chriswrx123

    Black horse meet 3rd June

    Hi all it's the monthly meet again at the black horse pub 10.30 on wards 3rd June all makes welcome Bn14 0sx
  11. Chriswrx123

    Black horse meet 6th may

    Hi all Black horse meet is sat 6th may 10.30 on wards all welcome car/bike/truck Findon West Sussex Bn14 0sx
  12. Chriswrx123

    Funny things

    Funny things happen when your out and about. Take today for example I pop up the road to storrington for some dog food now having 3 dogs we use a wholesaler so driving down this private track in the mustang hay why not it's a nice day! And I come across three cars parked in a field a Porsche a...
  13. Chriswrx123

    1st April black horse meet all welcome

    Hi guys and girls it's that time again black horse pub findon high street findon worthing West Sussex Bn14 0sx 10.30 onwards
  14. Chriswrx123

    4th March Black horse meet West Sussex

    Hi 1st Black horse meet of the year is on sat 4th march black horse pub 10.30 on wards Bn14 0sx
  15. Chriswrx123

    Very lucky

    CRASH: Jay Leno gets a scare wrecking... - Memories of Oldtimers | Faceboo
  16. Chriswrx123

    I liked this !!!

    its so me lol
  17. Chriswrx123

    Another great gone

    So long George r.i.p wham!!!!another one gone in 2016
  18. Chriswrx123

    Happy xmas

    Started putting the tree up ready for xmas nice to see my snowman feels the same way I do lol!!!!
  19. Chriswrx123

    Brooklands race track meet 1st Jan

    Hi guys and girls I'm sure there's a link for this somewhere any one interested in going? Myself and Dan and Sarah went last year and it was a fab day.
  20. Chriswrx123

    Hurst roll kit (line lock burn out kit )

    Hi all one of my many jobs today was to start fitting a hurst roll kit to my mustang bought as a complete kit from American muscle so all the wiring and extra pipe work comes with it also so very good fitting instructionsand then a basic pic of it together then to fitting unit to left hand side...