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  1. TransAmDan

    The Hoff on TV : Battle of 80s

    Quite a good show so far. Thr Hoff is driving around in KITT. On Sky History, think its just the single 2hour show. Face from the A-Team in it, Eric from Chips.
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    Welcome, Employeedominion

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Employeedominion.
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    Welcome, honeyweb

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @honeyweb.
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    Welcome, nemo

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @nemo.
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    Welcome, KJF

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @KJF.
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    Welcome, belinda Christie

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @belinda Christie.
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    Welcome, Fuzzyknurl

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Fuzzyknurl.
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    Welcome, Ross38Ford

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Ross38Ford.
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    Welcome, JimmySes

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @JimmySes.
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    Welcome, tuvieja89

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @tuvieja89.
  11. TransAmDan

    Thinking of new Wheels/Tyres

    The chrome 5 spokes are original 17inch WS6 wheels. 275wide tyres, which is on a 9.5inch wide rim, this is standard. Not been changed. I'm wondering weather to change to black. In this style. These are 18inch. I been emailing a chap at, we have established the size and offset...
  12. TransAmDan

    Tangmere Fete 25th Sept 2021

    The Renegades are going, We will meet at Emsworth services and cruise from there about 10am.
  13. TransAmDan

    Lancing Motor Show 2021 - 26th Sept 2021

    Lancing motorshow is back on, was going to be earlier on in the year, Now its on 26th Sept 2021. A few people are meeting at the usual A27 Emsworth services to leave at 8am to cruise down. 10 car club stand, arrival time from 9am to 9.30am.
  14. TransAmDan

    Passing of Toby Taylor

    Some of you may have known Toby and his car. He has come along to many of our shows, a great guy to talk to. Sadly he has passed away suddenly. Thoughts are with Toby's family and friends.
  15. TransAmDan

    Using a MSI GTX 1660 Super X for mining ETH

    The 1660 is towards the lower end of the cards, cheaper than the RTX 30xx series. The RTX30xx series has a lot of features like DLSS that you are paying for, but not used in mining. The 1660 Super can hash at around 31mh @ 78W. This is 414kH/w which is pretty efficient. One of these cars is...
  16. TransAmDan

    Ethereum L2 Payments to reduce fees

    There are two payments methods from Since Feb/March I have been doing Ethereum Mainnet up until a ouple of weeks ago, then tried the other method. I wan't keen on hanging, but with rising gas fees I found when being paid out 0.25ETH, the fee was 0.00155 ETH. The value of ETH is...
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    Welcome, biggiesmalls

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @biggiesmalls.
  18. TransAmDan

    Recommendation on cleaning hearlight lenses?

    Aunties has a Hyundai i20 the light lenses are getting a little yellow one side is worse that the other. They feel like plastic. Anyone tried cleaning plastic light lenses? did it work? what did you use?
  19. TransAmDan

    Hellcat engine in a 300c

    Matt came across this video of a 300c with a Hellcat engine. That would surprise people at the lights. Looks like it may be demanding on tyres.
  20. TransAmDan

    Welcome, zenler

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @zenler.