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  1. TransAmDan

    Lancing Motor Show 2021 - 26th Sept 2021

    Yes, some people have shown interest now, not sure how many, its club night tonight. Could be 5+ cars now. I have contacted the organiser, the club stand is still on their records, and they are happy to keep it open. They have sent me an email of the tickets. I can pay you for the club stand...
  2. TransAmDan

    A few funny photos.

  3. TransAmDan

    Club night.

    I'll buy you lunch if you come along Darren to make up the numbers, bring a friend.
  4. TransAmDan

    Lancing Motor Show 2021 - 26th Sept 2021

    Lancing motorshow is back on, was going to be earlier on in the year, Now its on 26th Sept 2021. A few people are meeting at the usual A27 Emsworth services to leave at 8am to cruise down. 10 car club stand, arrival time from 9am to 9.30am.
  5. TransAmDan

    Club night.

    Cluib night tonight. We have been a little low on numbers recently for one reason or another. The farmhouse has reserved a nice big area for us. They have turned away paying customers as we have reserved the space. I'm sure things will start to pick up as more people are going out and getting...
  6. TransAmDan

    A few funny photos.

    Changed the plugs and it still wont start.
  7. TransAmDan

    What have you done to your vehicle today?

    The cars birthday?
  8. TransAmDan

    Camaro pump change

    Tries starting the Camaro, seems to be lack of fuel. Sheack the schrader Vale on the furl rail, no fuel comes out. Disconnect thr main fuel pipe and firct ut into a container, no fuel. Well I have an explanation for no leaks, no fuel flowing. Disconnect thr fuel pipe out of the pump, I didn't...
  9. TransAmDan

    Camaro pump change

    Fitted that connector to the Camaro, turned the key a couple of times so the fuel pump fires and pressurises, no leaks. So thats good. got a bit of work on today, but would be nice to check the vacuum pipes, and to perhaps even fire it up. Battery has been on charge.
  10. TransAmDan

    Comment by 'TransAmDan' in media 'Alton_2021_012.jpg'

    Purple car infront of a purple shop front.
  11. TransAmDan

    Passing of Toby Taylor

    Some of you may have known Toby and his car. He has come along to many of our shows, a great guy to talk to. Sadly he has passed away suddenly. Thoughts are with Toby's family and friends.
  12. TransAmDan

    Alton Classic Car Show - Saturday, September 18

    What a great day out, We left wickham at 8.15am, for a gentle cruise to Alton. Well organised. Photos from today, some great cars there.
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