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  1. punisher

    Pet bandanas and cushions

    Arrived today. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much. I'll try and get a pic when he let's me lol.
  2. punisher

    Pet bandanas and cushions

    Thats fantastic thank you.
  3. punisher

    Pet bandanas and cushions

    Just to let you know I've just ordered a renegades bandana! Its under my real name ( Franklin Beckett)
  4. punisher

    Pet bandanas and cushions

    That's great. Let me know what they decide please.
  5. punisher

    Pet bandanas and cushions

    I would love a dog bandana with the renegades logo if that's possible please?
  6. punisher


    When is the next coffee run to Hayling please?
  7. punisher

    Meeting up

    Hi everyone just wondering now things are starting to ease up are there any plans to meet up? I know there are still restrictions but we could meet up somewhere outside. Maybe at the beach or something. Would be great to see everyone and see how many clothes sizes we have gone up lol. Let me...
  8. punisher


    How much are the jackets and what sizes do they come in please?
  9. punisher


    Thanks everyone
  10. punisher


    Do you have patches to buy as I would love to put one on my leather jacket please? Many thanks in advance.
  11. punisher


    Thanks for the advice everyone!
  12. punisher


    Can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably cheap in Portsmouth to get tyres for my pt cruiser please? I'm just fed up with the prices and crappie service I get from places like Halford and kwik fit. Many thanks for your time.
  13. punisher

    Welcome, Seansean

  14. punisher

    CANCELLED: Renegades End of Season Show 2020

    Thanks for letting me know. Fingers crossed for april. Now I'm a member just ask if you need anything doing. Because I am disabled I dont work so I'm free all day every day so just ask!
  15. punisher

    CANCELLED: Renegades End of Season Show 2020

    Is this still going ahead does anyone know please?
  16. punisher

    About time I did this

    Welcome where do you live fella?
  17. punisher

    Cancelled : Victory Wheelers Hayling Reunion - 26th April 2020

    hi guys and girls,how much is it to enter and do you think they will let my pt cruiser in?
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    my pt cruiser!
  19. my PT

    my PT

    my PT