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  1. AmericanThunder


    This seller seems to have lots of wall graphix related to our hobby. Perhaps if enough people wanted something we could organise a group purchase and save on shipping? Never bought anything from them so no idea of quality.
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    Henrik Freischlader Trio

    Just searching some fresh music and came across this gem:
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    .... true I haven’t copied the full article here, it’s enormous, but you get the drift. An alarming press release from the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) has exposed proposed changes to EPA regulations which would criminalize any modifications to street cars which affect their...
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    Cadillac CT5-V

    Like the looks of this.
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    Apple and Facebook

    Apple are going to launch a new feature in the next version of iOS that asks you to opt in to allow Facebook stalking. Usually opt in is the default and you have to opt out, but this represents a massive game changer in world of online security. For far too long, these big corporations have...
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    Capt Tom Moore

    Capt Tom Moore, the man who raised millions for the NHS has died of Corona Virus, aged 100. He didn’t deserve that. RIP Sir Tom
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    Hideous or appealing? Hideous for me.
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    With flooding forecasts in place, I’m pondering putting the Solstice on axle stands and my Challenger on its race ramps. Although, where we live we are not likely to experience flooding. Saleen might though, with the proximity of the river too....
  9. AmericanThunder

    Very Nice Camaro And compared with what it likely cost to build, a bargain!
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    New additions....

    .... for my library. Two new Trans-Am books for my quite extensive library. They were both on my Christmas list but as Father Christmas didn’t bring them for me, I bought them!!
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    COVID-19 vaccine

    Has anyone you know had the vaccine yet? If so which category do they in? Not asking for me as even if offered I will be saying no.
  12. AmericanThunder

    New Mopar Drag pack for 2021 - the 7 second factory race car

    Improved performance from upgraded supercharged HEMI V-8 At the heart of the new Drag Pak is the latest evolution of the supercharged 354-cubic-inch Gen-III HEMI V-8 engine, based on the same power plant that won the 2018 NHRA Factory Stock Showdown (FSS) and NMCA Factory Supercar championships...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.
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    Who am I to disagree?

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    The 1st Trans Am

  16. AmericanThunder

    1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE triple black 4 speed

    I watched Saleens video about the new Mach 1, and this video was a suggestion immediately after. What a great story, had to share.
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    Get the f*ck off Facebook

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    2021 AAC Spring Nationals

    16th-18th April at Birch Coppice Sports & Social Club. Yes! Something to look forward too.
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    Tier 4

    It’s sounding like many of you will now be in the Tier 4 which prevents households mixing of Christmas. I feel very sorry for you as if you have been preparing and buying for a family Christmas you are likely well stocked and find your plans changed, not to mention the opportunity to see family...
  20. AmericanThunder

    Steve Ames

    Steve Ames - a name that should be well known to any Pontiac Enthusiast as the founder of Ames Performance Engineering who specialises in Pontiac Performance Parts. Unfortunately he is is hospital with a bleed on the brain after a fall. Get well soon Steve, your family and the hobby needs you.