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  1. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    Another tyre question

    Hello everyone, I think I may need to change one of the tyres on my Formula since it keeps losing air and has dry rotted a bit, the problem is that the size is 245/50/16 and I cannot find them anywhere online. Has anyone else got this size of tyre which is standard fit on 93-97 f-bodies and...
  2. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    1995 Firebird Formula convertible

    I'm selling my Formula V8 Firebird convertible as my good lady is finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of it due to back issues. I'm therefore selling the car to get something more comfortable( and American ) to get in with a more compliant drive. Here's a link to my Gumtreee ad...
  3. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    accident repair garages

    Hi chaps, my son has had an unfortunate accident in his 1996 Transam and the car is in a bit of a state. His insurance company wants him to submit quotes, so are there any really good garages you'd recommend that are good with American vehicles? Thank you
  4. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    4th gen F-body 16" wheels with tyres

    For sale four 16" five spoke silver alloys with tyres from a 1995 Firebird. two of the tyres are no good but the other two are Nexen with plenty of tread,the wheels themselves are in excellent condition. £200 collection only, Southampton area.
  5. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    cool custom parts

    I stumbled across this web site after reading feedback on youtube to a Transam video and there's some cool but expensive stuff there, check it out. 6LiterEater Designs
  6. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    2017 Ford

    Here's a link to the new Ford GT unveiling, looks rather cool though not sure about rear visibility. This Video Tour Of The Ford GT Will Transform Your Life
  7. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    My first pumpkin carving

    Hi guys, just thought for a first attempt at carving a pumpkin I'll start with something simple....err maybe not.
  8. firehawk66 Paul & Mel

    A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

    firehawk66 has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 2000 PONTIAC TRANS AM!