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  1. Jumbot

    Tail side light fishtail shape bulbs

    Hello Peeps, I have 10 rear side light tail lights as per pics, brand new, clearing out stuff from the Jeep, any interest? I will sell all together or seperate, £2 each including post, or take the lot for £18 inc post I think the prices are fair, if not someone will tell me LOL, open to ofers.
  2. Jumbot

    How many cars can someone

    Purchase with duff diffs............................................................. well with me its three, not possible I hear you say, I fully agree with you I say, but yes numpty here did just that!! The first was a VW Touareg, VW's answer to a decent size 4X4 It was a marmite car, used the...
  3. Jumbot

    Identification of rear axle Jeep kj

    Hello peeps, got an interesting one, had a noise from the rear axle as I pulled away, cannot describe the noise but it was there and gone, as its up for sale thought I better have a look, turns out one of the spider gears has lost part of a tooth, the main gear and worm are perfect, I could of...
  4. Jumbot

    Front Suspension Jeep KJ

    It seems the simple job of fitting Mud flaps can lead to other things, this post is going to raise a few questions, if anyone has any input it would be well received, On removing the front wheel it was noticed that even in the extended position the spring on the shock absorber strut or leg...
  5. Jumbot


    Probably been done to death, but I cannot find any reference to programing another key and fob/blip to a Jeep kj, is it possible to buy second hand and have the fob/blip programed to your car? how is the transponder problem overcome? Is the transponder sealed inside the key?
  6. Jumbot


    Very reluctantly selling my Jeep first registered 28/09/2004 since my ownership it has had extensive work, most of which is detailed in this forum, with pictures. I am being forced to give up driving. Before I purchased it it had the following done, in no particular order. all receipts...
  7. Jumbot

    Standard Radio

    Could anyone advise me to what the standard Radio should be in my 2004 kj 2.8CRD Auto Jeep? Someone has wired in a Normal Panasonic Radio CD player with USB interface, but all I want is the normal radio with CD I find them so much better quality wise, and the finger controls on the steering...
  8. Jumbot

    Weird Brake problems

    I think the problem was me, but.............. when I bought the kj Jeep it had had new discs and pads all round, make unknown, well I could not get a good pedal, so tried to bleed the system, all bleed nipples over tightened and heads rounded off, and I could not find the right size spanner or...
  9. Jumbot

    Rear main oil seal 2.8CRD Jeep

    Found out why the Jeep I bought was so Cheap........................... Its leaving its mark everywhere like a sex crazed Terrier!! So, any one recommend a Garage in the Southampton area that would do the REAR MAIN SEAL and get it right? Apart from the leak and the gearbox 4X4 selector being...
  10. Jumbot

    I'm back and have bought

    A Jeep
  11. Jumbot

    What Vehicle, Newbie questions

    Hello Peeps Had my fair share of good and bad vehicles over the last few years, my current situation is, I know how to do he work but physically cant do owt, so I thought I would Purchase a VW Touareg 2.5 TDI good reputation its a VW should be ok, well that lasted all of two weeks, injector...
  12. Jumbot

    Hmm come here check in

    Is this the Hotel California? Looking for another Car has led me here, lest see what information I can get....................................Other wise I am a Retired Marine Engineer, spent the last few years up to a bad illness working ashore on heavies, just to keep me put of the...