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  1. TransAmDan

    COVID-19 vaccine

    I believe over 45 are coming up, a category I fit into. Wont be long before I can get over 50 life insurance and go on Saga holidays.
  2. TransAmDan

    TRANS Am for sale anybody know it?

    Looks to be taken off as there was an error with the listing. Cant say I've seen it around. Wonder how much it will fetch.
  3. TransAmDan

    WTF paving slabs stollen

    Would be nice to see a follow up story of what happened, and did they catch the culprits. I think if they do they need to put them in stocks on the high street and anyone can throw rotten fruit at them. they will only get a slap on the wrist, so i think public humiliation is more of a deterrent.
  4. TransAmDan

    another from southampton anybody???

    Wow, that has seen better days..
  5. TransAmDan

    Manhood Classics Drive it Day 25th April 2021

    Had an email from Les and Maxine at Manhood classics. we attend their annual shows. They are doing a drive it day, which could be limited to historic vehicles, so if you wish to attend please contact them with the email address at the bottom of this post. their email below. As always we are...
  6. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    bike - helmet
  7. TransAmDan

    The Transport Game!

    Outboard Motor
  8. TransAmDan


    Sports seem to be exempt, Football and Rugby happen too and that is close contact. Perhaps they form some sort of bubble?
  9. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    paper -trail
  10. TransAmDan

    WTF paving slabs stollen

    Is there a gathering of caravans in that area? Who on earth would do this?, a lot of effort for sometihng 2nd hand. Next fence panels will go missing and brick walls.
  11. TransAmDan

    Camaro pump change

    Could be an ideal project for over the Xmas break. Lol. I have a few other things to get done, then I will be back on it.
  12. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    lens - cap
  13. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    Limit - speed
  14. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    bet - wager
  15. TransAmDan

    RTX 3090 High GDDR6X RAM Temperatures of 110deg C

    Hi, I am planning on making 3 more asI have a couple more 3090's in need of modding. I'll get it drawn up, currently building another mining rig. I probably wound't change much, maybe extend some of the metal strips to cover a couple more IC's in the corners of the ram chips. It would be...
  16. TransAmDan

    Word Association

    Director - Film
  17. TransAmDan

    Legal Advice

    That's a great result.
  18. TransAmDan

    Pure porn Trans am

    Yeah looks good. They have a truck and a C4 for sale too.
  19. TransAmDan

    What have you done to your vehicle today?

    First clean of the year. Nice sunny day for it, I'll take it out for about a 20mile drive.
  20. TransAmDan

    Camaro pump change

    Fuel pipe connected, and the other 3 pipes, vent, return etc... Pumped up the tyres. Next is a bit of engine bay work, I'll save that excitement for another day.