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  1. TransAmDan

    Taxi goes through a red light

    Gave the Trans-am a little run to get some fuel, on the way home I come to traffic lights, they go green for me. However a taxi from a side road decided to come out, he must have been on a red light. The video is a bit long at the moment, its about 40seconds in. I'll trim that later.
  2. TransAmDan

    Ordered a car cover

    Quite a but of dust on the T/A yesterday. Pushed it out to do the ceiling insulation and back in again when complete. I know dust will reduce once the ceiling is up and walls and floor painted. I ordered an indoor car cover from...
  3. TransAmDan

    The Society of Incredible Stories: The Beginning of the End book.

    I'd like to recommend this book. Sarah has read it and really enjoyed it, and is looking forward to the next one to come out. The reason I'm posting this here is that the writer was the best man at my wedding and his twin brother done the illistrations. I have known these two guys for about 24...
  4. TransAmDan

    Dodge SRT spotted in Chichester

    Matt spotted this near his work in Chichester today.
  5. TransAmDan

    Des O'Connor

    Passes away at age 88. He has been on TV for ever.
  6. TransAmDan

    Alton 2021

    Alton Classic car show changing management. It wont effect us really, as we will just get an invite from Alton Lions instead of Alton herald. Also attached is a copy of the PDF.
  7. TransAmDan

    Sarah's 1991 Camaro

    Well not done much on this. For those of you that don't know Sarah got the car about 8 years ago. After 2 years of owning it failed its mot on rust near a seat belt fixing. All welding was soon done, and booked it in for another Mot, it wouldn't start that morning. So pushed it back in the...
  8. TransAmDan

    LS1 K-Member

    Removed from a 2000 LS1 Trans-Am as changed to a tubular K-member. Nothing wrong with the one that came out. A few scratches underneath. Could be ideal if you are converting a 4th gen V6 to an LS1. Open to offers.
  9. TransAmDan

    Welcome, Seansean

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Seansean.
  10. TransAmDan

    TV licensing scam

    Watch out for an email like the one below. It may sound correct, but the link(removed) goes to some rogue site. I guess they want you to type in your account details so they can use your information. There are a lot of things like this TV Licensing 24 AUGUST 2020 Dear...
  11. TransAmDan

    Welcome, Paul

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Paul.
  12. TransAmDan

    Welcome, Johnr

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Johnr.
  13. TransAmDan

    Welcome, Hoonigan

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @Hoonigan.
  14. TransAmDan

    Welcome, John

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @John.
  15. TransAmDan

    Port Solent 9th Aug 2020

    A couple of weeks ago was the first one after the lockdown started. It's in the larger car park starting from today. Expect to see soo many cars there as people keen to get out to something. A few Pontiacs coming from Guildford area, some further away traveling 2 hours to get there. Should be a...
  16. TransAmDan

    Line Lock fitting

    Well today I'm going to finally wire up the line lock. A long time ago, during the engine rebuild (about 3 years?) I fitted a balance valve between front and rear brakes and also a line lock solenoid. This solenoid is connected to earth, but the positive wire doesn't go anywhere yet. this needs...
  17. TransAmDan

    Cosham car meet

    Will let me know about a local car meet that was on last night. Its not everyone's cup of tea, but was good to visit something like this for a change. Everyone behaved really well, and they all have an interest in cars and were talking to each other about cars. A great atmosphere. I didn't take...
  18. TransAmDan

    LS1 Intake Manifolds

    When I have the funds available I will get a a new intake manifold and throttle body. Why? well should get some performance gains. The standard intake manifold for the LS1 had a 78mm opening for the throttle body. The LS6 intake fits in its place, which had a few minor differences and was...
  19. TransAmDan

    LS1 MSD Coil pack wiring harness.

    I have some nice red MSD coil packs on the Trans-Am. I've had no issues at all even at full revs. However people say they have had issues on just ticking over. The coil requires more current from the 12V, and certain years the supply voltage is routed slightly different. I guess I have a good...