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  1. July92RS

    Out of hibernation

    After 20+ years daylight shines on the Mustang,with a vehicle inspection carried out last week by an independent company it may finally get an age related plate and be rid of that awful Q plate.It may look sorry but years of dust has preserved it and the rust although looking bad did start to...
  2. July92RS

    Committed to the cause

    Found this on alternative media,dedication on this one!AgnVjUSLmF-chqwELwOaLs7rm0SEFg?e=Lvq2iv
  3. July92RS

    Goodwood revival

    Not surprised to learn that this has also gone for 2020
  4. July92RS

    A new challenge

    My Mrs felt I needed a new challenge while in lockdown
  5. July92RS

    Gotta love a scam

    Well i know we are heading towards a Mad Max era but really,,I have advertised the XC90 for sale and within 12 hours i get an email to the tune of its just what i need for my daughter,am wheelchair bound so need to get a recovery company to collect and of course,,,,,,,Please open a paypal...
  6. July92RS

    Bank holiday monday

    Just come across this event.....No Prizes fo guessing Where i see this advertised :tongue2: SADCASE 'The Big One' 26th August 2019 | Sadcase Car Club | West Susse
  7. July92RS

    Cranleigh show

    Weather permitting will have a jolly to this tomorrow
  8. July92RS

    MOCGB Mustang Meet Hunters Inn

    Is there a rep in the area who organises this meet
  9. July92RS


    Currently sitting at south mimms for a meet up to get another set of wheels for the trans am
  10. July92RS

    Spotted 2018 bullitt mustang

    Seen today at Crawley
  11. July92RS

    Speed awareness course booked :/

    better than getting points and a fine
  12. July92RS

    3rd gen value

    What's the general view on the value of these,,cheap n cheerful or are they creeping up
  13. July92RS

    wheelers show

    Got out to the Victory Wheelers show today,a fair selection to see as there are so many shows on the calendar,,sadly will probably be the only one i do so enjoy the rest of the season guys n gals
  14. July92RS

    shows this w/end

    Any one doing the Manhood or Wheelers do this w/end
  15. July92RS

    peugeot 206 HDI

    I have a 2004 (54 reg) peugeot 206 HDI 1400 for sale...It is fairly good for age and in my ownership has had new cambelt/waterpump...aux belt and pulleys 4 new tyres last year and recently had new front suspension arms.It has mot until September. The downside is it has covered 179k and no...
  16. July92RS


    Been debating on a new run around,,,,, Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 4d Mercedes-Benz C Class 3.2 C32 AMG 4d
  17. July92RS

    Camaro say's no

    Sadly i have no heartbeat from the would seem that it has decided to fill the manifold with fuel at an alarming rate,currently doing research as to what may be the cause but i may put the cash cow out to graze in favor of a carb set up
  18. July92RS

    Spotted A27 CHICHESTER

    On my way back from Portsmouth this afternoon and i caught sight of a truck that resembled the one from the film DUEL in a layby on the A27 bypass at Chichester,,,now whether the it was an exact replica i am unsure as by the time i realized i spent more time looking in the rear view mirror at...
  19. July92RS

    Not your every day vette

    Original 1975 Corvette Stingray Greenwood Sportwagon Cinnabar RED Scissor Doors | eBay
  20. July92RS

    Firebird items for sale

    A pair of spoiler ends 70-78 Complete air cleaner housing 301Turbo may fit others Assorted decals from 1980 pace car 79-81 taillights replacement tailpipe sections with downswept chrome ends door glass L/H R/H Pair of L78 400 heads and matching inlet (refurb reqd)