The photo gallery is nice to flick through show photos. There are two buttons <Next> and <Prev> and you can also click on the photo to advance to the next.

This all worked well, but you find when you view the next image the page moved to the top, and the picture is further down the page. Depending on your screen you have you may need to scroll down to see the whole photo. This got me thinking.... wouldn't it be nice if the image was at the top of your page with the title. If you want to see the buttons again you can scroll up. It makes it easier to get through the photos. A nice touch I think. So done it.

Just done with html, added <a name="Image"></a> just above the title. This give it a location to jump to, then at the end of the URL added #Image which makes it jump down to the location, the #Image is automatically added to the <Next> and <Prev> and the photo.

Give it a go....