Renegades dates November 2014

16th November, Sunday, Breakfast Run
Garsons Garden center, Titchfield, Meeting on the hill to leave at 9.45am. We will drive along the top of the hill, turn right after fort Nelson to come out at the Fareham Motorway junction where others will be waiting for us in the lay-by.

29th November Saturday, Fareham Bowling
This event wasn’t going to happen due to lack of interest, after hearing the disappointment we asked the members at club night if they would want to go Bowling and 21 people put their names down. So pop this date in your diaries. Deposits of £5.00 to be taken at either Sunday’s breakfast run or next club night 25th November. The rest of the money can be paid on the night.
£10.99 for 1 game, £15.99 for 2 games, buffet, party hats, crackers and medals. (£5.00 deposit applies to both one or two games).

25th November - Renegade Club Night
If you are up for bowling remember deposits.

21st December - Breakfast run
Not sure if this is happening, will discuss at next club night.

23rd December Club Night
Tables have been reserved for us, like a usual club night. Bring crackers to pull. Join in with the Secret Santa presents, spend up to £5 on something, and if you bring a Secret Santa present then you get a present.

26th December Boxing Day
Choice of Wickham or Romsey, beware that Romsey has an age cut off, have to be Pre-1996 american vehicles, and pre 1976 for everything else.
If you are going to Wickham be prepared to get their early, it gets very busy, with many food vans taking up prime show car space,Photos of Wickham 2013

28th February 2015 - Saturday Skittles Night
At the Southwick golf club, £10 per head (headless horsemen go free, apart from the horse) A few games of skittles and including food, the food it meant to be really good. Joy is organising this one, payment will be required on the club night before the event or before.

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Dave(AmericanThunder) on the forum has done a white up of a few of his cars.

A few recent shows.

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