For Sale is this very rare 1970s crazy Can-Am inspired mid-engined road car built by the American manufacturer Manta Cars and was named the Manta Mirage .

The Manta Mirage made its 5 minuets of fame staring in the cult movie Gone In 60 Seconds and was given the name Annie.

The Mirage, originally referred to as just the "Manta", or the "Manta Can-Am", is a light-weight road-legal racing car. The Mirage"s steel space frame chassis was fitted with a high-output (380-400hp) Chevy 327cu V8 engine and a uprated 4-speed Chevy Corvair transaxle via a Kelmark adapter and remote shifter. The bodywork is hand-laid fiberglass, and are pre-colored in a range of gel-coat colors. Gull-wing doors were fitted to a removable top section, while the doors flip forward for entry.

With curb weights as light as 1,900 lbs (680 kg), these were built to be extremely fast and not for the faint hearted.

This is a is a recent American import (Nov-2017) with all paperwork and duties paid documents for registration.

This was a very good running and driving vehicle up until the engine was removed 4 weeks ago (ENGINE NOT INCLUDED). The engine was not original to the Mirage, and was removed due to it being a very specialist engine and was used in another project.

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Date written: 05-Feb-2018

Price: £15000 As stated

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