No one asked for this but they did it anyway!

The SRT-10"s gigantic front spoiler, enormous grill and gargantuan hood (complete with "Viper powered" badges, power bulge and air scoop) give this pickup all the charisma of a Champion Championship wrestler. One can only imagine the panic a steroidal Ram causes steaming up to a Peugeot driver"s rear bumper.

Huge 24inch Black Rhino wheels wearing 305 section tyres, chrome exhausts the size of beer cans provide an important talking point.

Hop aboard, and the sense of anticipation increases. At first glance, the interior is standard-issue truck: slate grey accented by rotary controls made from recycled hairbrush handles. And then you notice the sports seats, the oil temperature gauge set into the front pillar, the Hurst shifter and the white-on-black dials with 160 on the clock.

The starter button is, obviously, the main event. "Engine start" hooks you up to 8.3-litres (sorry, liters ) of V10. Dodge has monkeyed around with the powerplant"s internals increasing the bore and stroke, fitting cast aluminum alloy pistons, that sort of thing. But it"s the same 500hp mill that makes the Dodge Viper one of the scariest cars known to man. The SRT-10 starts with a rental car"s whine and instantly settles into an ominous idle rumble piped by a Magnaflow exhaust

Once underway, the mighty machine"s monster torque dominates. With 525ft.-lbs. of twist, you can lope along at the low end of any of the pickup"s six gears. The steering rack, a modified version of the Ram Heavy Duty"s rack-and-pinion system, allows for effortless slow-speed manoeuvring, with a welcome touch of road feel.

The real action starts above 3000rpms. At that point, the SRT-10 gives you full access to its heavy metal soundtrack. Lift off the gas and the V10 thuds, pops and cackles like a "60"s muscle car. Flex your right foot and damn it"s loud. A Viper engine at full chat sounds like an endless bomb blast.

Max power clocks in at 5500rpms, making full-throttle acceleration a short but visceral event. Working the Tremec T56 gearbox to stay on song is no easy task, you also have to feather the go-pedal; lighting up the humongous tyres in first, second or third gear is not only possible, it"s probable.

Truth be told, an SRT-10 under full acceleration is brutal and it"s not just the neck-snapping G-forces. You better be ready for some quick course correction. An irregular series of mid-corner bumps will really focus your attention!

No surprise there: the SRT-10 is a truck, with payload-friendly rear leaf suspension. The Dodge Boys have done everything in their power to try to overcome this limitation. They lowered the chassis, popped-in the mother of all truck axles (a Dana M60), devised new front and rear strut assemblies, installed a heavier rear sway bar, and so on. The result tracks well on smooth surfaces and rolls not a lot, but it still takes nerves of steel to corner this brute at speed. I supposed the fact that it corners at all is a major accomplishment, given the amount of horsepower involved.

The SRT-10 is the fastest truck in the world. It was built for American buyers with a damn-the-mpg (nine, if you give it some stick), straight-line mentality. Truck guys love the fact that NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan set the new pickup truck speed record (154.587mph). And guess what? He didn"t even fold in the 10"s side mirrors. A standard truck! For me, that s reason enough to buy one.

Except that. . . . ., and here s the really best bit . . . . it s a commercial vehicle! Not like the 4 door automatic version, this 2 door manual version is totally, 100% , tax deductible. There s nothing HMRC can say! You can claim for all the petrol you use too, and get the VAT back as well if you are registered. Just do the man math.

You will be using at bit of petrol too, you ll get to know all the local petrol station staff by name, its cheaper to go everywhere by taxi! Just nipping up to the village for a pint of milk darling, .at that mpg it costs me 10.50 a pint. But then I didn t volunteer because I like milk. . . .

Anyway, its just turned 30000 miles, has all the original books and keys, original stamped up service book and is in outstanding condition.

0773 615 8515 Mayfield, East Sussex

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Date written: 05-Feb-2018

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