Our 3rd Gen 1985 Chevrolet Camaro 5 litre Z28-E for sale. Registered here in the UK since 1985, all MOT"s since then are present and every one passed with no advisories (feel free to check the gov uk MOT check website) and some receipts for work done to it over the years.

New brake disks and pads recently, 124,000 kilometres/ which is about 77,000 miles, though we use the Camaro so that will go up.

Fairly good condition but the paint work has some small touching up that needs to be done, I can forward pictures showing what needs doing.

Passenger window is a little temperamental but will come with a new motor for it.

It"s a 5 litre car so don"t expect it to do 30 odd miles to the gallon and it gets noticed so be prepared to be stared at!

Date written: 06-Nov-2017

Price: £4500 As stated

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