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    supercar blondie posted on youtube

    Probably not this year. Just seen a message from Goodwood Festival of Speed looks like it may be postponed.
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    Most annoying adverts

    Adverts are soo long, mind you I tend to watch Discovery and other channels like that, so probably more Americanised. I often forget what I am watching by the time the adverts finish.
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    supercar blondie posted on youtube

    She is just annoying as seeing adverts on TV. Cars are interesting though.
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    Most annoying adverts

    Adverts are getting to frequent, like American TV.
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    Welcome, rdavis4559

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @rdavis4559.
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    Hi Andy. Unfortunately we don't have surplus tickets. We do get given a few to give out to members. So unless someone drops out we won't have any spare. Sounds like Beaulieu has reached capacity due to Covid restrictions. If only it was the following week, numbers may have been allowed to be more.
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    Beaulieu Hot Rod and Custom Show 2021 - 20th June

    Hi Malc. Hope all is going well, how is the Cobra? Sounds like Beaulieu have filled all the places they are allowed due to restrictions. They couldn't sell tickets on the gate as they would get to a point they would have to turn people away. So had to do prebook only. Beaulieu did give us a...
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    Welcome, JasonAnafe

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @JasonAnafe.
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    Welcome, TiagoTeotonio

    Welcome to Solent Renegades, @TiagoTeotonio.
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    Port Solent Car Meet

    Ah, sorry I didn't pop on the forum sooner. I totally forgot about Port Solent today. Did you go? was it a good turnout?
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    A few funny photos.

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    Meeting up

    Yeah I should be there. 1 pint lighter.
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    A few funny photos.

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    supercar blondie posted on youtube

    Certainly some weird cars there.
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    What have you done to your vehicle today?

    Thats great news Chris. New battery still going strong? Hopefully we can put more miles on our cars this year.