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  1. hey mate, how you been heard that your car was under the snow lol and guess what, my dad has cut out the hood of the car i will show you a pic if i come on tuesday i hope
  2. Yep, I will be there. Didn't mange to make it last time as I was working in Ireland.
    See you there.
  3. thats fine dan are you coming tonight see you there if you are
  4. opps, sorry. We get around 20 people signing up per day. I deleted you with the others, so sorry about that. All should be okay now. I know who you are now. :O)
  5. the reason i signed up it was because it was not working and no1showjumper is minimanmarks daughter
  6. Hi, I know you have tried to sign up to the forum a couple of times, we do get a lot of requests by people wanting to spam the forum. I trust you are not one of them. :O)
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